Monday, May 28, 2012

Thieving varmints

The other night on our way home we noticed a helicopter with a spot light flying around looking for someone, which isn't an uncommon thing in our neck of the woods.
We pulled up to our humble abode and our neighbor was on his cell phone by our car and informed us that we had been robbed! He caught them red handed and called the cops. They hopped on their bikes and neighbor jumped in his car to chase after them. What a hero! He chased them half a mile down the road but lost them when they went down an alley that was too small for his car. Fortunately since he called the police so quickly the cops were able to catch two of the three guys.

Now we have this lovely gaping hole in our dash.

The best part of the story is, these idiots were basically asking to get caught. Let me tell you all the things they did wrong. 

1. It was 8:30 at night. In a neighborhood that people often take nightly walks in. 
2. They were using a giant spotlight to see in the car, which drew attention to themselves. 
3. The car was parked on the road, visible to anyone walking by, especially with a spotlight and three shady teenagers in it. 
4. They left their bikes laying in the road so it was obvious that our civic was not their vehicle.
5. They were wearing wife beaters, basically a crime in itself. 
6. They touched a bunch of our CD's which the policeman informed us is the easiest thing to get fingerprints off of, and then left the fingerprinted CD's in the car.
7. They didn't even steal our harkin's free popcorn t-shirt that we always keep in our glove compartment. Which may or may not have been the first thing I checked...

We decided we are pressing charges against because they stole from us, and because they are just plain stupid.

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  1. Just reacquainted myself with your hilarious blog. Love it! Especially the white trash party experience. So glad that things are still great at Burke. So sorry about getting robbed but glad it has a happy ending. Enjoy your summer, ours hasn't started yet and I'm definitely getting summer fever.