Saturday, September 3, 2011


On Mondays the MCC library is full of missionaries using the computers to email their families and friends. When I see them I smile. I hope they are writing letters to their mothers, who I know miss them so much. But mostly, I hope they are writing letters to their sweethearts. And then I want to cry for their ladies. It brings back the memories of almost 5 years ago, living for those weekly emails. Reading them over and over. Mike left right before Christmas break, and I didn't get a letter for a full two weeks. I had no idea how he was doing and it drove me nuts. At this point, he could only write letters, not emails. I remember literally sitting by the mailbox waiting for the mail to come and almost crying when there wasn't a letter from him. Pathetic. But when there was a letter, it was instant happiness. Honestly though, having him gone was terrible. Before he left, we talked or hung out every day (minus a one month break up) for more than a year. He was my world. Then all the sudden he was gone and I didn't even know what to do with myself. Oh how I'm glad those days are done. As crappy as they were, I look back on them so fondly.

It's crazy how he left as a boy and came back a man. I don't think we would have gotten married if he wouldn't have gone. We both had to grow up a little, by ourselves. I had to experience certain things to figure out what I really wanted. Then when he came home, even if I didn't know it at the time, we were ready.

Maybe the next time I see the missionaries at the library, I will pass them a little note that says something like,  write your girl a nice long letter. Tell her everything thats going on, and don't forget to tell her you love her. It will make her week.