Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whats on my mind

*Did you know DVD's spin to the left, not the right?! I know, blew my mind too. We love to watch movies and TV series. Let me tell you after a long day at work and school a good spooning action mixed with a movie or TV show on DVD or hulu makes my heart smile. We love movies. But we do not love our DVD player which probably the cheapest player available, and handed down to us. To get a DVD to work we would have to pick it up and move it in slow circles while it would try to read the disk. Usually this would cost us 5 min. of trying and a tired arm before it would work, if it would work. Finally we invested in an X-box 360 from craigslist. Dual purpose- DVD player and video games. Good idea. 

Bad news. We got the red ring of death (=broken). 

Good news. I guess its a really common problem with x-boxes so its getting fixed free of charge.

Bad news. It takes approximately 30 days to fix.

More bad news. We are now back to the old DVD player which has gotten even worse since we last used it.  

Good news. Mike could not take waiting and spinning anymore, so he took the top off and now we have to give it a jump start spin and then it works perfectly! 

That is how I learned that DVD's spin to the left. 

*My new 2nd favorite couple. Chuck and Sarah=sexy and amazing. They just might have beat Jim and Pam for my numbah 2.  

Sarah is so nice and sexy and good at fighting and chuck is just adorable. I've only just finished season 2 so don't give anything away!

*Why does Blog suck at uploading pictures?

*Bare minerals are the best thing ever. Some peeps at work introduced us and I must hang out with my dear foundation everyday. We very much enjoy each others company. I will never go back to grease make up no matter how poor I get!  

*Funny story. Mike is probably the nicest, sweetest person any of you know. Yes my husband is nicer than yours. I can never stay angry or irritated at him for more than.. eh 20 min tops. But when I am angry all hell breaks free. Example- He has to have the toilet paper on the holder a certain way, so the toilet paper is coming out over the top. Well one day I was angry about something stupidly ridiculous most likely. I went into the bathroom, took the toilet paper off, and turned it the other way. I showed him.

5 minutes later I went back in and turned it around. 

*500 days of summer = new favorite movie. If you haven't seen it, make your day and rent it. 

* I wish I could live on my mattress. Or take it with me everywhere I go. 

Thats whats on my mind at the moment. Thanks for taking a peek! Have a fantastic independence day weekend didgy friends! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

I love new things

         Like this little guy! My fantastic sister-in-law Ashley gave birth to this little chunk June 8th. She pushed out the 9 1/2 pounder with no epidural! His name is 

 Lincoln Porter Robinson

I love him so much already! His thick hair is adorable and his tiny wrinkly feet make my heart smile. Cute little angel straight from heaven. Both my sister-in-laws gift me with beautifully cute and fun nieces and nephews that I can never get enough of. 

Speaking of new things check out our new table! I L-O-V-E it! Its defiantly an upgrade from a card table and mismatched folding chairs.
Mike and I were nervous for the summer for both of our jobs. I work at an elementary school, so I don't have work in the summer (not such a good thing for us lowly college students). Mike got hired as seasonal (snowbird season) at the agency he works at. So basically we both thought that we would be lucky if we had jobs in the summer. A few weeks ago Mike had an interview with his boss and we thought he was being let go or best case scenario going down to part time. Turns out he got a raise AND is staying on full time! BLESSING! I got the opportunity to do summer camp for the Burke, and I actually get more hours now than I did during the school year. We are seriously so blessed. Someone is looking out for us. So anywho we celebrated with this fantabulous table! It makes me smile when I see it. But not when I smell it. It makes our   apartment smell like wood and old people. Ah well, I guess its a sacrifice that must be made for beauty :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tripin on California

This last weekend we both had Monday off and we haven't been on a trip since our honeymoon... so we took an exotic get-away to the wonderful and conveniently close state of California. T'was so much fun. Vacations I'm a big fan of. We stayed in the cheapest stinkin hotel we could find and it was awesome, I felt like I was on a T.V. show. Our agenda for the 3 days- 
  • Beach fun and scenic drive shown above
  • Dinner at PF Changs for free (they messed up a little on our order so they had to make it again and it took twice as long.. which we didn't even notice till the manager came and told us AND told us that because they messed up dinner was on them! Also he encouraged us to get dessert for free too. I like free so much. But probably not as much as I liked that dessert! (pictured below)
  • Six flags all day long! 
  • Trying out strange new restaurants for every meal of the day. 
  • Listening to Enders Game on audio book the way there and back. 
  • Car breaking a little bit and having to wait in the hot car for 2 and a half hours for help to arrive. Which was pretty fun actually. We watched the office until our lap top batteries ran out, drank some ice cold sodas from the cooler, and had a car color war. I counted red cars, Miguel counted blue ones. He got to 100 when I was only at 83! Lamesauce.
  • Coming home sweet home.
I sure like my life.