Sunday, February 19, 2012

one of those great days...

 Yesterday was one of those great days. The kind I want to remember. We woke up early for a Saturday, got some homework and cleaning done and went grocery shopping so we felt productive. Then we just played the rest of the day. The weather was absolutely perfect and Mike needed some new socks so naturally we rode bikes to target and fro yo. When we got back, we played with these little dolls   

Went home, Mike and I cooked dinner together in our tiny kitchen, bumping into each other. After din din went to popcorn and soda, I mean movie (the popcorn and soda is the real reason I go). We were going to invite some friends but on second thought we just wanted to be with each other. After we came home I baked Mikes favorite cookies and we stayed up late snuggling and watching Chuck.

When we got into bed and got all warm and snuggly under the covers I looked at Mike and said, "this day was perfect". It takes imperfect days to get perfect ones like yesterday, and I am grateful.