Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring break is a gift, use it wisely.

Yes ma'm

Desert with mia familia and some family friends.
Me on a giant grill. Because that's your first instinct when you see a giant grill. Lay on it.

My favorite girl ever.

Roxy is "jus tastin da ice cream"

 My favorite girl again.

Mike taking some ukelele lessons.

Desert bbq yum yums.

"The wow factor"
Mike and James have been watching a little too much storage wars. If you don't know what that is, it's one of those shows where people buy things and try to make money off of them. When they find something great, one guy calls it "the wow factor". James has taken this idea to the extreme. They searched every corner of goodwill muttering things like, "is it the wow factor?" "could this be a wow factor?" "I think I might've found the wow factor". This is them looking for a pair certain pair of jeans that one guy on the show dubbed "the wow factor".

I made some yum yums.
Zucchini frys with mozzerella sauce

Carmel popcorn
apple cinnamon muffins
 pulled pork bbq sammies. and picnic in our front yard.
 Sometimes a girl just needs to do something funky with her nails while watching "my fair wedding".
 And sometimes a girl just needs to see a movie solo at a random matinee showing.

 And sometimes a girl just has tons of homework to do.
But when it's all done, it feels so good.

Farewell spring break! Until we meet again in 2013!