Sunday, September 16, 2012

life lately

Mikes Sister Jamie came to town last week and stayed for over a week! We took advantage of that and snuggled  and babysat wittle Danny boy. Of course I didn't get any pictures of all of us. My camera just has a magnetic pull to people under the age of six. 

 Daniel with his Grandma! She loves him so much! 
 Brother in law Dave is the grill master. He made the largest steaks ever. They.were.amazing. 

This past weekend went camping with the Robinson clan. Our intent was to ride kayaks and shoot guns.

We had a few mishaps and neither happened.

My parents had a new kayak rack on the top of their truck that apparently does not work very well because all four kayaks fell of the top while they were driving on the highway! Luckily they didn't fall in the middle of the road so no accident was caused. They hid all four of them in some bushes on the side of the road and kept on driving. So no kayaking for us... considering they were hiding in some bushes on the side of the highway for a day. But the lake was still beautiful and Mike fell in halfway so it was still hilarious.

And shooting guns was restricted for a ridiculous range around where we were camping so that didn't work out either.

We did get some mountain biking in though, thanks to Curtis and Ashley and I learned that I am a wimp.

Mom and dad aka the best grandma and grandpa ever! 

 Snuggling around the campfire is the best.

 The kids found a horny toad that they all fought over until we had to release it back into the wild. Good times. Also that is our tent being blown over in the background. Oops.
I am definitely a woods kinda girl. I love being outside. I want to make camping a bigger part of our life. Anybody wanna go for my birthday weekend??

On another note, this semester is KICKING MY BUTT. I have an extra online class this semester, and my on site classes seem to require more homework than last semester.  I'm still working five days a week, and trying to spend time with Mike and our families. Lets just say I am learning time management the hard way.
It's a dang good thing I enjoy going to work and I enjoy going to school, or else I'm pretty sure I would explode. I am learning so much in my classes and I can even apply a lot of the strategies and methods currently in my job. 

Life is a little bit crazy and a lot good.