Saturday, October 16, 2010

One year

Today marks one year of being married to my amazing husband
It has been better than I ever could have imagined
I love his brain
We are so saptastically happy together
Hooray for one year
Hooray for the rest of eternity

Friday, October 15, 2010


I was in paradise for the past week. It was amazzzziiiinnnngg. My husbands sister Jamie got married in Maui so us and the in-laws took took advantage of an awesome vacation. When I got married I got an amazing husband AND a new family! Score! We all had a blast together. The week was jam packed with Jamies wedding festivities and our own vacation plans. Take a look at some pics and be jealous that you weren't me for a week.


Beachy beach.

We did the worlds longest zipline. It was basically awesome. There were 8 different lines on the tour and the last one was the longest and fastest. It was 2/3ds of a mile and got you going 55 to 60 miles an hour. Mike and I went off by ourselves for a day and did the zipline tour. AWESOME. This is us waiting at one of the lines to go. Aloha.


Jamie had a lot planned for all of us family and friends that came to the wedding. We did a brunch one day and all the ladies went and got our nails done. Another day we did a private yoga session on the beach. It was super simple because it was all levels of people. We mostly did stretching but it was pretty cool. Our teacher was hilarious and she took this of us being coconut trees?

Jamie and Dave also planned a BBQ on the top of their condo complex roof for all the family and friends. This is the whole gang and two of Jens friends that also came!

Wedding time
What a happy day. The place of the wedding was GORGEOUS with the ocean spraying waves on the rocks just feet from where they were married. Jamie looked amazing in her dress and they looked so happy together.

My Parents-in-law walking Jamie down the isle.

The ceremony was beautiful. Their wedding vows to each other were especially sweet. Side note: the phrase "till death do us part" and "as long as you both shall live" are sad words to me. I think the majority of people believe in some sort of afterlife and it makes me sad that their marriage ends at death and doesn't go forward through time. I hope Jamie and Dave choose to make their marriage eternal someday.

After the wedding they served appetizers and unlimited drinks. We all lounged around on some comfy couches and chairs and chatted.  

After dinner they DJ PUMPED up the music we all did some crazy dancing. Mikes dad tried to do the moon walk and I think I peed a little from laughing so hard. Later on they even had a fire dancer come put on a show for us!
Good day.
Pretty pics

I love me some good Hawaiian food.

And some more good Hawaiian food

And some more good Hawaiian food
The end.
Sorry this post has been not well thought out in the writing department. I feel like Ive left so much out of what we did the rest of the week. 
It was fantastic.
I miss it already.
Back to real life. It makes me sick to think of all the school work I'll be doing this week.
Memories of sweet sweet Maui will live forever in my heart and on my blogggity-blog-blog.