Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nephew Daniel!

It was so exciting to finally meet our little nephew! It was especially cool for Mike to have one of his own flesh and blood. It's crazy how this little guy is connected to us forever now. We will watch him go to kindergarten and find his personality and make friends and have girlfriends and graduate high school and choose a career and live a life. 

But for now he's just a little guy that we can snuggle with and kiss upon.

Why are baby sneezes the cutest thing ever?

He doesn't really like to be craddled but he loves to be held facing down like this. He was going to town sucking on my arm.


Daniel with Grandma and Grandpa

And with Mom and Dad. He is a mini version of his papa.

Uncle Mikey.

Just a warning out there for anyone who is having/thinking about having kids. I will snatch your baby up and hold it all the time.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 Exhibit C:

 Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

 And this is my favorite. MR. SMILES.

Alaska the Great. Warning: Picture Overload

As you probably know, Mike's sister Jamie lives in Alaska with her husband Dave and three month old baby Daniel. Because of a series of financial blessings and a new little nephew, we decided it was time to take a vacation and visit this cute little family 

We went up with Mikes two sisters and Mama and Papa Grubbs. It was one of my favorite trips ever. Guys, Alaska in June is beautiful. Observe:

The Anchorage Temple.

Just a park in the middle of the city. But so pretty! 

Your not a tourist in Alaska until you've taken a picture with a big ugly fake bear and/or moose. 

Jamie and Dave's beautiful balcony deck. 

I was a tad cold so I put on a long sleeve, two jackets, a scarf, sweat pants and two pairs of socks. Yes, I'm a baby.

A picture of us by the "warning - electric fence" sign. Cute.

Bear! Side story - I was talking to one of Jamie's friends that lives in their neighborhood and she told me that three days prior to this conversation there was a bear in her front yard. A freaking bear. In her yard. In the middle of her neighborhood. Yikes.

Papa Grubbs with the bear.

Musk ox

The only picture we got with everyone. Well, almost everyone. Little Daniel was sleeping in his carseat.

Mike and his siblings

One of the couples I admire the most: my in-laws Pat and Lilly.

They rented some cabins and we went up to the woods for two days. It was probably my favorite thing we did while there. I dig the mountains. While we were there, Dave took Mike and Papa Grubbs fishing but none of them caught anything. Sadface.  

Sittin around the campfire at nighttime.

Mike and his siblings

While there we played some card games. First we morphed some pre-existing games together to make what we named resident scum-hole. Then I taught them a Robinson family favorite ten, nine, eight. Playing card games with people you love in the mountains late at night where your all turning a bit loopy is my favorite. The only thing that was missing was a fat bowl of peanut M&M's. 

This picture illustrates the weirdness of Alaskan summers. The time is 12:30 in the morning and look how bright it is outside.

I did a lot of reading on their beautiful deck facing the ocean.

Hikin' it up. Too bad the trail got all snowy and muddy and we couldn't finish.

Jamie has a CRV that fits five people comfortably. However, it fits eight people very uncomfortably. Jordan, Mike and I had to ride in the trunk part with our legs squished up against the back row. 

The last night we were there. Sadface.

And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't take pictures of all of my delicious food?

Reindeer dog. When I told my mom that we had a reindeer dog she said she wants to start a new tradition to eat reindeer dogs every Christmas Eve. Oh Baby Nan... such a jokester. 

Giant, delicious steak cooked by Dave the grillmaster.

We went to the cutest little restaurant out in the middle of nowhere. We drank out of mason jars with handles and they served fresh pie. Adorable right? And I had I only wish I could have finished it. Mike got a burger and said it was the best one he's ever had. So good.

This was the last meal we had before leaving, and this burrito gave Mike a major stomach ache just in time for the plane ride. 

Thanks to Jamie and Dave for letting us stay in their beautiful home and being wonderful hosts! And for making a precious little nephew for us to love on. He gets his own post, coming soon.