Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nephew Daniel!

It was so exciting to finally meet our little nephew! It was especially cool for Mike to have one of his own flesh and blood. It's crazy how this little guy is connected to us forever now. We will watch him go to kindergarten and find his personality and make friends and have girlfriends and graduate high school and choose a career and live a life. 

But for now he's just a little guy that we can snuggle with and kiss upon.

Why are baby sneezes the cutest thing ever?

He doesn't really like to be craddled but he loves to be held facing down like this. He was going to town sucking on my arm.


Daniel with Grandma and Grandpa

And with Mom and Dad. He is a mini version of his papa.

Uncle Mikey.

Just a warning out there for anyone who is having/thinking about having kids. I will snatch your baby up and hold it all the time.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 Exhibit C:

 Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

 And this is my favorite. MR. SMILES.

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