Friday, June 4, 2010

Tripin on California

This last weekend we both had Monday off and we haven't been on a trip since our honeymoon... so we took an exotic get-away to the wonderful and conveniently close state of California. T'was so much fun. Vacations I'm a big fan of. We stayed in the cheapest stinkin hotel we could find and it was awesome, I felt like I was on a T.V. show. Our agenda for the 3 days- 
  • Beach fun and scenic drive shown above
  • Dinner at PF Changs for free (they messed up a little on our order so they had to make it again and it took twice as long.. which we didn't even notice till the manager came and told us AND told us that because they messed up dinner was on them! Also he encouraged us to get dessert for free too. I like free so much. But probably not as much as I liked that dessert! (pictured below)
  • Six flags all day long! 
  • Trying out strange new restaurants for every meal of the day. 
  • Listening to Enders Game on audio book the way there and back. 
  • Car breaking a little bit and having to wait in the hot car for 2 and a half hours for help to arrive. Which was pretty fun actually. We watched the office until our lap top batteries ran out, drank some ice cold sodas from the cooler, and had a car color war. I counted red cars, Miguel counted blue ones. He got to 100 when I was only at 83! Lamesauce.
  • Coming home sweet home.
I sure like my life. 



  1. How fun! We've never had a totally unplanned vacation like this before, but it looks like it was a blast and now I want to take one too. So many things to love about your vacation: free PF Changs, Six Flags, Enders Game, scenic drive (all my faves too).

  2. enjoy every minute of this part of "just the two of you" life...little ones will come along soon enough and you'll wish you did more together, when it was just the two of you!

  3. Looks like a ton of fun! I am glad the ipod worked for you too! Did you get to listen to any of the other books on there? We should all take a road trip somewhere together soon!