Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yesterday me and Mikey were on a friday night date at the Frys foodstore. We love grocery shopping because we can buy any kind of cereal we want. So anyway we were checking out and the girl that was bagging our groceries was hmmm I'd say 18 years old and had beautiful long brown hair which I was jealous of and...........her name was Esther!!! WHAT??? Yeah I know. I usually try to think before I speak but there was no holding me back in this situation. I blurted loudly, "Oh my gosshhhhh your name is Esther, my name is Esther!" We were kindred spirits. We both started talking about how we had never met anyone young that shared our name in our entire lives and how people were always telling us they had grandmothers and great aunts with our name but never anyone cute and young. It made me happy.