Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am a wonderful aunt..

                                                             I got to hang out with my adorable niece and nephew the other day and they were crawling around the house on their hands and knees pretending to be dogs. Naturally I had to take advantage of this awesome situation. I filled a bowl of water and told them that dogs drink out of bowls of water on the floor and if they were real dogs they had to too. So they did. Well they tried. I think Rhett was just licking the water and I'm pretty sure Roxy was just dunking her head in the spit water because she would come up with her eyelashes and eyebrows all wet and water dripping from her chin. They would take turns licking or dunking their heads.. back and forth. What funny kids. It got to the point where the bowl was probably filled with half water, half saliva so I finally took it away. I seriously don't think I've ever seen roxys face that angry before. What lucky kids to have me to always play tricks on them. I love my nieces and nephew and can't wait to get some more soon!!
Sidenote.. Apparently I blog in wingdings? I have no idea how to fix that because its normal font on my computer. So I'm sorry if you can't read my posts. Or maybe I can just read wingdings. You'll never know.


  1. This one's not in wingdings on my computer! Yay!

    And i miss Rhett! Chase and I should have kidnapped him when we had the chance.

  2. I can read this one, hurray! So funny those two...