Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer kick off!

Last night at 9:00 I had a grand idea. I called Mama and when she answered I started whispersinging, "summer! summer! summer!" from high school musical 2. She thought I was weird. Then I told her we were going to kick off summer in the morning with a breakfast made by me and lovely morning swim. Breakfast/morning swims are the best.

I texted sister in laws to bring themselves and their kiddos and it was a party.

I made tons french toast with strawberries and brought some yummy fruit.

 Me: "Stella, smile for the camera"
 Me: "eek." *snap picture*

Me and my baby girl. I call her "my baby girl". It makes me feel like she's mine. Muahahah. I'm not sure if she likes me as much as I like her.

 Look at that smile! Rhett is one good lookin kid.

Of course the little girls must wear nana's sunhat.

In case you were wondering, I do realize I only take picures of the little people. I can't help it, the camera just comes out when they come around. Mike gets offended that I have no pictures of him and I, or any adults for that matter. I am trying to be better. But lets be honest, would you rather see Mike and I's face or this cutie?

That's what I thought.

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