Thursday, May 17, 2012

Once I had some pictures on the camera but I looked for the camera cord for two seconds, couldn't find it and so no pictures. But now the cord is found. And the blog is back in business.

Field trip to the rodeo with some of my cutie second graders. 

 Girl party. Me Livy and Stella dipped strawberries while the other girls sewed dresses. Because sewing is the worst and chocolate with strawberries is amazing. Doesn't Livy look so cute with her new glasses? I always wished I was a four eyes. So sometimes I steal her glasses and pretend they are mine.

Easter Pageant with the in-laws. I love my second family. 

 Jorgie and random hand.

Easter dinner at my mom and pops. Rachel, Grandma Jean and Roxy Jean

We did a little passover feast in honor of Easter.

Last but not least....

Our newest nephew arrived! Little precious Danny boy!
The first grandbaby on the Grubbs side. He lives in Alaska and we both CANNOT wait to meet him.
 I dig babies.

And I dig being an auntie. Observe.

And I cant wait to put my aunti/snuggle skills to work with lil Danny.

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  1. Esther, you rock. I love reading your blog!