Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mikes car mystery mind.

Background. I am a talker. Mike is not. But there is one secret formula that I can always depend on to get him to talk. I will ask him a question that has to do with cars and he will tell me everything there is to know about the car, the company that made it, and why/why not people like/dislike it, and his own opinion. Here is a peek at our latest and greatest car convo. Meet the Ford Festiva-   

I ask Mike

"How do you feel about that car?"

The expected response- "Fords suck. That car is a piece." 

The real response(paraphrased)- "The Ford Festiva is awesome. It's one of the crappiest cars ever made. Every time I see one on the road I am amazed that it is even running. I would love to drive one and just bask in its shizzyness." (bold=direct quote.)

It made me laugh. 


  1. I just laughed remarkably hard at this! Ha! I just love you and him!

  2. Okay so apparently Ford/Kia fans stalk blogs and leave hate comments. If I don't know you please don't comment.

  3. Don't make stupid comments in a public blog about stuff you don't know about, and you wont have a problem!

    And BTW, just because you label something a "hate comment" doesn't mean it is so!

    The first comment you deleted was posted by some one much more tactful than myself!
    Yet you chose to delete it.
    How about making your blog private then you can happily pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist!

  4. I dont really care about ford and cars i just thought it was funny.

  5. WOW! People do not know how to take things in stride these days.. I thought that was seriously hilarious! I can just picture that convo.. Mother always said it best: "IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!"
    Come on people!

  6. I had something nice to say. It was about the festiva. I was the first festiva enthusiast to post. It got deleted. I didn't say anything rude about Esther or Mike. I was just trying to share info on the topic. 8^(

  7. It is ridiculously hilarious that Chase and Mike are like identical twins. Maybe cause they share the same brain. I can guarantee that is the exact comment that Chase would have made as well. In fact i am going to ask him what he thinks and see what he says.