Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So you think you love so you think you can dance

Well not as much as I do. I win "so you think you love so you think you can dance." And I just want to talk about it! Who do you like?!? This is how I hope they go home and how much I love them. 

Jose (no love) 

Billy or Adachike (tied amount of love)

Robert or Lauren (tied amount of love)

Kent (most love) = winner

Here are some of my favorite dances of the season! 

This next one is my very most favorite. 

I must admit, I haven't had true love for Kent from the beginning. He is and always has been an amazing dancer. But he kind of comes off as an idiot, so I didn't really take him seriously as a person. Then I saw this amazingness. Watch it now.

I love love love it. He seriously is so in love with her at that moment. I am in love with his in loveness for the lovely Lauren. It makes my heart smile that he is just in his own world with her and doesn't even notice that the judges are trying to talk to him :)  

Who is YOUR favorite??

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