Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm thinking...

Spank me for not posting in ages. Some thoughts I'm currently thinking: 

Mikey's sister is having a baby and it's a .....

She lives in Alaska and since she couldn't tell us the gender in person, she ordered some cupcakes with the color of the gender in the middle. She was on the phone and we all took a bite of the cupcake... BLUE! BOY! I love when people make an event out of things. Celebrate life! 

I'm thinking I miss this lady and I'm so excited for her to come home for Christmas and for us to go to costa vida and eat frozen yogurt and do nothing all day during the break from work and school. 

I'm thinking that homework is the worst.

I'm remembering our awesome homemade Hallows Eve costumes of Phantom of the Opera and Christine Daae.

I'm remembering our pumpkin carving with Hillarie and James.
I'm thinking James' Darth Vader pumpkin was awesome.

 And I'm thinking my batman pumpkin is kinda lame.

I'm thinking that I love working with 1st graders. I have so much fun with them, singing songs and playing games and seeing their genuine excitement for learning. I could just take all those little ninos home with me.

I'm thinking I have been watching a little too much of this lately. I'm a bit addicted and I take the characters problems way to seriously.

I'm thinking I love this little precious so much. I am so lucky his mama lets me snuggle with him for hours on end.

I'm thinking that my husband is weird.

Lastly, I'm thinking I love Snively.

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  1. It's so nice to hear from you again. The pictures are great! I love your Halloween costumes- way cute! And yes, I was once into Grey's but I had to distance myself because it can be too consuming.