Sunday, August 8, 2010


The other day in the bottom drawer of our fridge I found a who-knows-how-old cucumber. The circumference of a circle is usually round right?? Not this one. It slumped into a long almost flat oval sticking to the bottom of the drawer. There was some yellowish clearish juices coming out the side. I picked it up and it was wobbly. Like a piece of cooked spaghetti. For some reason this was hilarious to me and I excitedly yelled "MIKE COME LOOK AT THIS!" When he arrives I was still holding it up, giggling and I wanted to show him how wobbly it is so I started shaking it around so he could see. Good one, Esther. This poor pathetic excuse for a cucumber was not as strong as a normal cucumber is. The thing just broke right off and splattered all over the floor. I mean SPLATTERED. Like a water balloon full of snot, seeds and vomit. Enjoy this picture of the incident, and whenever you are eating a cucumber remember this image.  


  1. hey esther! found you through vanessa's. just had to say this made my night! toooo funny, so thanks!

  2. My reaction: EWWWWW!!!!!
    Curtis's reaction: Why didn't she eat it? It's a perfectly good pickle.
    Stella is asleep, but she probably would've thought the exact same thing hahah

  3. post something new, i'm tired of seeing this on my side bar all the time gahhh... it makes me wanna throw up