Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Vacation Life.

I love to vacation. Also I love to have friends. One weekend I had both and it was the bomb. We drove to California and laughed and giggled and chatted the whole drive there and back.
We do Family Home Evening with these peeps. This last weekend we took FHE to the next level. Road Trip! Twas glorious, and lovely outside. We jammed ourselves in one cheap hotel room and when we left, we got to leave all our trash everywhere because hotels are cool like that.

Hillarie is a natural wonder at crafting things. Lately she has gotten into bead working with headbands and necklaces. It makes me want to die its so effin cute. Check out this headband she made. She said it took her hours and hours to hand stitch all the beads but it looks so cute and the beads are so secure! Buy something from her!  

We did a session at the San Diego temple. I've been there tons of times, but I've never actually been inside so I'm really glad we went. It was even more beautiful on the inside than on the outside if you can believe it. So so special. Here is us girls. (ugly construction on the right side)

Beaching it up.
Party pizza.
Wouldn't fit.
The vacation life IS for me.

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