Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer goals

Every year I make little summer goals for myself. Usually goal setting is for people who are ambitious and productive right? I do things a little differently. Pretty much every summer I make goals to be lazy. Last spring break my goal was to feel boredom at least once.

2012 Summer Goals

1.) Read a book. Check check check check and check. I've read five so far. And the summer is not yet over.

2.) Leave work early and see a manatee movie by myself. Check. This is one of my favorite things ever. Maybe because I feel like I'm doing something wrong seeing a movie in the the middle of the day and by myself but I always feel slightly giddy ordering "one ticket for _______ at ____". And then I smile to myself as I walk to the theater.

3.) Go on a vacation. Check- Alaska. Check- Porter family reunion.

4.) Drink a slushy. Check.

Between all this laziness I have actually been a bit productive believe it or not. I taught my own summer school class, have been working everyday, am taking a summer school class Mondays and Wednesdays 5-10. And we even cleaned and organized our tornado I mean bedroom which is a task and a half.

I tell myself I deserve all these little indulgences because I work so hard both with work and with school, but to be honest, I don't think I'll learn the meaning of working hard and being tired until I have kids. I admire all you mamas out there.

But for now I don't have kids and I do have time so I'm going to spend it on silly things that make me happy. And I hope I can still do that to at least a small degree when I have little people running around calling me mom.

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