Sunday, July 29, 2012!

We had a grand weekend hanging out in this...
 Flagstaff is beautiful in July. 70 degree and sunny in the morning time, and it always rains in the afternoon.

We did a lot of worm hunting. 

  The girls love worms like Lincoln loves Michael. He's not even sleeping here, just cuddling. If you know Lincoln then you know how rare his snuggles are.

Looking at the horses
 Sister Livy and her new bff

 Brother Clark
 This is a picture Rhett drew of the haboob and a ball that's flying at his head. 
 They love their uncle Michael 

 Me: Smile guys, smile! Rhett that's not a smile, smile for the camera!
Mike and Rhett:
 Matchy hats. 
 Me and Grandma Jean Crying because we must leave the cabin. We have this exact same picture when I was 12. 

Napoleon, it's pretty cool I guess...

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  1. Those snuggles are pretty rare. Those pictures are awesome! :)