Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer kick off.

Saturday we kicked off the summer. With a QT cola slushie and a dip in the swimming pool of course! I tried to find a picture online of a QT cup... and i found a picture of someones kankles? Awkward.
So far this summer consists of...
Scout day camp with my scrubb scrouts. We didn't get home everyday until 11 pm! Crazy! It was a lot of fun... I love my boys so much. They had so much energy and were hilarious to be around. But gosh I forgot what it's like to be around 8 and 9 year old boys for hours on end. Their new goal: stop saying the word poop in every sentence. Sheesh. I sounded like my mom, "boys.... NO POTTY TALK!" Here are the little stinkers! (Minus 2)

Summer School I will be finished with my associates by the end of the summer! Go me! If only an associates degree was good for anything...
This is a portion of the blog called "life in the ghetto"
Yesterday my neighbor 2 houses down and across the street decided to go crazy. Something involving a gun, resisting arrest, and the lady next door. My entire street was blocked off by TONS of police men and police cars and a swat team. I wasn't home at the time but they even evacuated some of my neighbors from their homes and they couldn't even take their cars. From 10 AM till 8 PM our street was blocked and they wouldn't let us go home. So we just had to hang out elsewhere and keep calling the police station until it was clear to go home. I still don't really know what happened.
I hoped you like todays portion of "life in the ghetto".
Also, does anybody have some good summertime reads they'd like to recommend? Because nothing says summer like lazy hours on the couch with a good story.

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  1. Hurray for summer! You are so cute with your little scouts, I don't know that I could do what you do. That is so crazy about your neighbor! I'm on the lookout for some good summer reads too. I'll let you know if I find anything good.