Monday, June 27, 2011

Hillaries baby shower

Saturday Beth and I threw Hillarie a BABY shower and it turned out so good! I always forget how much work showers are! But it was worth it, she got so many gifts to prepare her for mommyhood. Hill is all crafty and she and I did the decorations. I didn't get very good pictures of everything, and I forgot to take pictures of a lot of things. Shame on me. Our theme was orange, green, blue, and brown bow ties because, lets face it, there is NOTHING cuter than a baby in a bow tie.

A huge thanks to Hillaries sister for letting us use her beautiful home!

 We kept the food nice and simple which was awesome for me. I hate going to a shower and not knowing if I should eat lunch before or if there will be lunch food there... so we put on the invitation that it was a luncheon so nobody would be confused like I always am. We did chicken salad sandwiches (of course) and bow tie pasta salad loaded veggies and fruit. We asked Hills mom to bring the fruit and she brought an edible arrangement. Who does that? Haha. For dessert I made brownies and blueberry muffin tops with lemon glaze. yum yum yum. 

When my mom and I went to costco we found these glass bottle orange sodas. They went perfectly with the colors and I'm pretty sure I heard them whispering my name. We had to get them.


For favors I dipped pretzel rods in white and milk chocolate and drizzled some and rolled some in reeses pieces (orange) and left some plain. I wish this picture was better so you could see how cute they turned out. Plus chocolate dipped pretzels might be one of the tastiest treats there is.   

 I also made 9 little bow ties, three to put around the diaper cake and 6 more just because. They took so much longer than I thought. Flipping them rightside out was a pain in my behind. There is no way I would have been able to do all this stuff during the school year. I'm glad they turned out so stinkin cute and hopefully she will  put them on her little tot.


Gotta love awkward pictures. We like to put our hands all over her belly. I put this up, not so you could laugh at how creepy Beth and I look, but so you could see the cute bow tie garlands that Hillarie made. AW. 

And the Last thing that I must show off is this awesome diaper cake made by muah! Doesn't it look so good? Who knew I could figure out how to make one and it could turn out so stinkin cute?? There were more toys on it  but I'm pretty sure Hillaries niece thought they were toys for her and started playing with them.

It's so bizarre how excited I am for her to have him. I just can't wait to have a precious baby right next door that I can steal on a daily basis. Congrats to Beth and I for becoming aunts soon!!


Congrats to Hillarie and James becoming parents for the very first time. What an unknown, exciting and precious adventure your about to partake on. The very very best of wishes to you two. 

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  1. Um... can you do my next baby shower? Love it! Super cute!

    And the new look of your blog is beautiful! I'm a huge fan!