Tuesday, August 16, 2011

top 5 best phone pictures

  My phone is an old one. It's a flip phone (remember when those used to be so cool?) It has a crappy CRAPPY camera. But it is always with me so it takes some dang good pictures. Enjoy the top 5! 

5th place goes to: corndg license plate. You rock. 

 Once upon a time I was looking through a craft book from the 80's or something and I found some AMAZINGLY awkward crafts. See for yourself. 

4th place goes to: The card that barfs "get well soon!" 

3rd place goes to: This cool kid with the crafty hat!

2nd place goes to:   My eyes, nose and mouth photoshopped on to Mikes head. If you ever wonder why we don't have kids yet, look at this and you'll know why.

1st place goes to: Me loving brand new baby Rhone! I am so happy he is here so I can hug and love on him! Props to HILLARIE for pushing him out and being such a good mama.

 And here are some real pictures of the precious. And of my excitement to be an auntie!

So precious!!


  1. Wow I can't believe those crafts! How does the barfing card work? I'm really curious. Your baby will be cute, don't let that picture stop you!

  2. Um....remember when we said "Yeah! Hope Esther and Mike have a girl first so she can marry our son Rhone!" Well...i don't want ugly grandchildren so...i take that back.

    Just kidding your kids will be adorable with red hair and thunder thighs and cute stubby fingers : ) Have a baby now!!