Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodbye kiddos

A lot of my posts have been about work lately, but I couldn't not share some of these with you.A bunch of them wrote little thank you notes for me and they are so precious and hilarious. Here are a few. Note-I can't correct any of the punctuation or spelling... it's just too cute.
"Mrs. Grudds, thank you miss grudds for helping us at math and reading and when we need help you are there to help us and when I need help you help me. - Bryan"
"Thank you Mrs grubes it was so fun at the feald trip. I liked the part when we whent to the spining thing. but the most emportant thing was that she help us. - Sebastian"
"You made me bloom! - Selina" (Ha! I made her bloom.)
"Thank you for helping us in erythings - Uriel and Oscar" Then off to the side they wrote their phone numbers! HA!
"Thank you Mrs. Grubbs for all your help this year and will miss you and never forget you! I will never forget the day i met you. You looked so nice when I saw you! - Alicia"
And my personal favorite. This one has no pictures, no colors, no nothing except these words, "Dear: Mrs. Grubbs I hope you pass grade and so you can be a real teacher."
I love my kids so much. It was harder than I expected to say goodbye to them. Especially when I was hugging Selina goodbye and told her that I couldn't wait to see her next year.... and she replied with, "I won't be here next year." I just about cried. I'll never see her again! What do I say to her then? "I hope you have a fantastic life?" Gosh I will miss those guys.

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  1. Awww! Super sweet! Thanks for sharing your notes. You are an awesome teacher and the kids are lucky to have you. I miss all those little guys.