Monday, March 21, 2011

The spring break life.

Spring break is THE.BEST.THING.EVER. It was not this good as a kid. I appreciate boredom so much more as an adult.
The 4 weeks previous to spring break were pretty crazy. I taught my class all by myself nine times in only a month. Nine is almost ten and ten days is two weeks and two weeks is equal to HALF of a month. Basically I taught as much as the teacher that I work with did.
And let me tell you, teaching is a lot of work. It's not as easy as it looks.
On top of teaching my class, I still had school and scouts and a husband to keep up with.
Lets just say by the time spring break came around I had many knots in my back and many dishes in my sink.
But do you know what? I'm proud of myself. There is no way I could have even tried to teach a class before I started at Burke. And I did a good job. I am so lucky to have worked with to 2 amazing teachers these past 2 years. I have learned so much from each of them. Last year I told the teacher I worked with that she taught me just as much as she taught the kids, and I sincerely meant it.
Teaching, I felt all grown up. It's a good feeling, having important responsibilities, and having 24 precious kids relying on you.
But it's also a good feeling to be careless and FREEEE>>> cue spring break!
My spring break consisted of...
Sleeping in!
Schoolwork... I started another online class the monday of spring break. On top of my other classes. Then I wondered.... Why?
Baking and cooking :)
Playing with the nieces and nephews. Love them so much.

Spending time with the hubbs. He still had work, but it was so nice to spend the evenings together instead of school.

Finally visited sprinkles cupcakes. The verdict: They are delicious, probably the best cupcakes I've ever had, but they are not worth 15 bucks for 4 cupcakes.

Saw some movies-

Limitless review by me-Good movie. It kept me interested and excited the whole movie. The ending didn't quite sit right with me... But it was a good movie. I give it 3 3/4 stars.

Beastly review by me-You know exactly what it will be from the previews. And I thought it was cute. I did not take Mike with me, but he would probably give it 1/2 star. I give it 3.
Can someone explain to me why AMC is still in business with Harkins competing with it?? AMC only does student discount on Thursdays, and movie watcher card is not that awesome. Harkins rocks because they have student discount every day! Seven dollars a ticket compared to ten. pffff. Plus if you buy a loyalty shirt you get a free popcorn every time you go for the whole year. Annnndddd if you buy a loyalty cup, a drink is only one dollar, but if your cool like Mike, sprint gives you a dollar off any concession so it costs nothing. FREE drink and popcorn every time we see a movie. To think... I used to go to AMC. Scoff.
Bethany Moffitt is going to BUY HAWAII!! AHHH I'm so excited for her.

Thanks for reading all.


  1. I'm so glad that you are loving working at Burke, I'm sure you will go far there. Why did you end up teaching? Was your teacher sick or on leave? I miss working with kids and feeling that sense of satisfaction. I am going to start tutoring a little boy next week and I'm super stoked! So grateful for everything Brenda taught me! Your spring break looked awesome. There's nothing like a well-deserved break after a lot of stress.

  2. Phew just reading your post made me tired and excited for your well deserved spring break :) The pictures that you took of the little ones are adorable! You are seriously AWESOME! I can only imagine how intimidating teaching is. You're probably the COOL teacher and all of your kids LOVE you!