Sunday, September 5, 2010

I declare Monopoly to be the worst game ever.

The thought of it burning to ashes makes me crazy with joy.

I keep thinking of ways to kill the game. Drown it in our fish tank, put a noose around its middle and hang it from the ceiling, stab it through the heart with my filet knife, run it over with my civic, the list goes on.

I even sabotaged my own husband. I gave his last standing opponent my monopolies because I knew it would end the game faster, and I will never be forgiven. Why is it that the most unstrategic game invented can still last 4 hours long?? It's like risk but worse.

It is no where near as cool as this little gem.

And even a little bit less cool than this. 

 Yes, that is Yu Gi Oh, and Mike and James do seriously play it. This picture makes me laugh hysterically because I honestly don't think I have ever seen Mikes face that angry before. He is pissed that I'm making fun of him. James is not pissed. He looks like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. Go Yu Gi Oh!
(Die a grisly death monopoly)


  1. Ha ha I have some pretty funny Monopoly stories. That picture cracks me up!!

  2. Want to come over for game night! We have Monopoly AND Risk! YAY!

    Why is it that every boy loves both those games and every girl i know detests them?!

  3. i resent both your's and bethany's comment on risk!