Saturday, September 5, 2009


Since Im getting married, I thought its about time to start a blog so I can fit in with all the other hip married couples! So here it is! Im Esther Robinson, soon to be Mrs. Mike Grubbs. We met in high school at Heritage Acadamy and started dating about 4 years ago this Octoberish. We dated steadily (minus a two month break) up until he left on his mission to the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission in December of 2006. We wrote for more than half of his mission until we decided we didnt want to write anymore. Mike came home 8 months later, I went to his homecoming talk, we talked and both decided that we did not want to date each other. 6 months later we we're engaged! I couldnt be happier! I love my husband to be and he loves me!


  1. way to cute!! Im so excited for you guys! Your blog is very very cute!

  2. Esther! I can't believe we are getting married in 4/5 weeks! AHH! I'm so happy for you and Mike. You're going to look beautiful! :)